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Ford Mustang Shooting Brake

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Hi folks!

Just registered here to show you my impression of a Mustang Shooting Brake:

I did different versions, so please compare.

Had some positive feedback on other forums, so now I'm curious about comments from Mustang drivers.

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I think the concept is pretty cool, but DON'T call it a mustang. A long nosed, V8, RWD wagon, if done right, would be a really cool idea. Look at the dodge magnum - you see 'em everywhere. If you take that idea, make it a bit more retro, give it enough motor to back it up, it would be cool.

But don't call it a mustang!!!
(great job on the picture, though!)

On edit: I was looking through some of your other stuff on your site...some of it looks really good. I like this one:
I have to say...that design would be really great for weight distribution....:)
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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