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Ford Mustang Shooting Brake

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Hi folks!

Just registered here to show you my impression of a Mustang Shooting Brake:

I did different versions, so please compare.

Had some positive feedback on other forums, so now I'm curious about comments from Mustang drivers.

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Here What A Shooting Brake Is, If You Don't Know.

A "shooting brake" is basically a British (sort of) invention: back in the 70s, Aston Martin introduced a "shooting brake" version of some of their models. A car with such a denomination could be best described by a mix between a station wagon and a sports car. If I remember well, I believe the concept behind this type of car is that those British gentlemen with fat bank accounts wanted to have a vehicle they could use for their hunting trips without having to sacrifice the pleasure of driving a sports car and from this the "shooting brake" was born (at least Aston Martin produced some, I don't know if other manufacturers did some). I believe it was pretty much shortlived, but I am not completely sure of this.

This said, I personally do not like the idea of a Mustang Shooting Brake as I don't like this type of vehicle. Though the photoshop version made by cww is extremely remarkable, it looks like made by a pro.
So, congrats to cww for his job, but I personally don't like the idea.

Kyle F said:
No, your German... thats why you don't understand the Mustang.
I am Swiss. I bought a Mustang and I love it.
What's the problem with this guy being German ? Does someone need to be American to understand the Mustang ? Come on, be serious.
pcfrisch said:
That's for sure, the guy who headed up the 05 redesign is Vietnamese.
Amen to that ! And what a great job he has accomplished with his team !!!
kscoyote said:
I was just going to post that explanation.

No one in the US really understands a shooting brake, as our Shooting Brakes are F-150s.

Shooting Brakes are for Birders, and while some folks are birders here, I think most Americans (with the exception of maybe pheasant). find it too much work with too little meat to show for it. Deer Hunting, and other big game are the preferred game here, and you need a truck. Most people who hunt birds ALSO hunt deer.

Britian, I believe, along with most of Europe has already hunted out almost all the big game, and there isn't much left. (Thank Teddy Roosevelt, and his wildlife preservation programs for that).

The only real shooting brake in the U.S. (though it's not really marketed as one) is the Lexus IS wagon.

There aren't many buyers of the car, as it's too small for a station wagon's utility (like the A3, focus, etc) but still has the aura of "Wagonness," which Americans hate. (Too many memories of riding in the wagon on family vacations, carsickness, fighting in the back seat, and frequent restroom breaks -reference "Family Vacation" with Chevy Chase.
I totally agree with you kscoyote, and if you want my honest opinion, there is no real need for a shooting brake. They were only made for British royalty of all kind to showcase they could afford to buy an Aston Martin only to go hunt ducks, while every other regular Joe was probably using a Ford Cortina. Basically a portrayal of how to be the perfect snob...
Though I got nothing against vehicles used for hunting: I come from a family of hunters (deers, wild boars not birds though...), I have nothing against hunting, on the contrary actually...I just believe there is nothing that calls for the need of a shooting brake anywhere in the world...
And for sure I wouldn't ruin the perfect looks of the S197 Mustang...
zregime said:
Picking up on ford4's thread...seeing all the old school muscle cars at my first drag yesterday, I will admit in all honesty there was one car/style that had me lookin' away from Dixi (boy was she pissed)...

Those '70 Barracudas just freakin' ROCKED!

That front hood and the way it comes down to a thin menacing line in front...and the sweep of the car hood...

If Plymouth decided to bring that body style back, I'm afraid Dixi would have to get used to a stepsister.

Here it is:

Sorry for being politically incorrect here, too, but...the Euros don't understand U.S. cars, U.S. foreign policy, U.S. country music, or U.S. religion either. They can keep their hands off our Mustangs, thank you very much...
No, wrong.
Using your derogatory word, I am a "Euro" (I am Swiss) and a great deal of people over there absolutely love US cars, the USA and Americans. And please don't say what we do or don't understand about America, because I have the feeling that you don't know anything about Europe and European people.

Since I was a kid back in the 70s, I always wanted to own a muscle car one day and thank God Ford made this gorgeous S197 Mustang, a dream come true for me (and a dream for many Europeans I know, you'd be surprised to know how many people in Europe I helped to try to get their hands on a Stang...And I am Proud to say that one was finally able to get a GT...).
And funny enough you mentioned Mopars...A-body's are not my field of expertise (though I am buying some literature now, in order to get to know them from A to Z), but on B-body's I am pretty much on the ball, I am sure that if I feel like checking in all the gazillion books and brochures I have about them, I could tell you what the 5th man on the production line for Plymouth GTX's had for lunch on september 4th 1969. So I love Mopars, especially B-body's, but I am a ... "Euro": how come that this is possible ?

Think, think, think...
zregime said:
I'll use some P.J. O'Rourke to respond to criticisms of my previous post:

"...our forebears moved to the United States because they were sick to death of lukewarm beer -- and lukewarm coffee and lukewarm bath water and lukewarm mystery cutlets with mucky-colored mushroom cheese junk on them. Everything in Europe is lukewarm except the radiators. You could use the radiators to make party ice."

"No two dial tones (in Europe) are alike. The busy signal sounds as if the phone is ringing. And when the phone rings you think the dog farted."

"You can always reason with a German. You can always reason with a barnyard animal, too, for all the good it does."

"German, to me, looks like what worms do under rocks."

"I'd rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen and jack of all you Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfast and sh-- them out before lunch."

(From the book Holidays In Hell, "Among The Euro-Weenies." pp. 186 - 203)

P.S. I am of German and Norwegian descent, and spent two years in Germany in the AF (80-82). I am glad to hear that a great deal of Europeans love Americans. Unfortunately, I didn't run into many of them during my tour. Mostly just ones that loved my money.
Well, I tried to make you understand you are dead wrong about Europeans and you reply with some low level jokes you read in a book. :sosad:
I guess that says it all when the matter is what type of person you are... :sosad: :sosad: :sosad:

Do you ever wonder why you needed money to be liked in Germany back then ? Do you really think that it's because you are American ? ... This was a good joke indeed...
Oh and if your heritage is really German and Norwegian, I am sure you are honoring your ancestors in the best way, at least the German side, congratulations...
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