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Ford Mustang Shooting Brake

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Hi folks!

Just registered here to show you my impression of a Mustang Shooting Brake:

I did different versions, so please compare.

Had some positive feedback on other forums, so now I'm curious about comments from Mustang drivers.

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Picking up on ford4's thread...seeing all the old school muscle cars at my first drag yesterday, I will admit in all honesty there was one car/style that had me lookin' away from Dixi (boy was she pissed)...

Those '70 Barracudas just freakin' ROCKED!

That front hood and the way it comes down to a thin menacing line in front...and the sweep of the car hood...

If Plymouth decided to bring that body style back, I'm afraid Dixi would have to get used to a stepsister.

Here it is:

Sorry for being politically incorrect here, too, but...the Euros don't understand U.S. cars, U.S. foreign policy, U.S. country music, or U.S. religion either. They can keep their hands off our Mustangs, thank you very much...
I'll use some P.J. O'Rourke to respond to criticisms of my previous post:

"...our forebears moved to the United States because they were sick to death of lukewarm beer -- and lukewarm coffee and lukewarm bath water and lukewarm mystery cutlets with mucky-colored mushroom cheese junk on them. Everything in Europe is lukewarm except the radiators. You could use the radiators to make party ice."

"No two dial tones (in Europe) are alike. The busy signal sounds as if the phone is ringing. And when the phone rings you think the dog farted."

"You can always reason with a German. You can always reason with a barnyard animal, too, for all the good it does."

"German, to me, looks like what worms do under rocks."

"I'd rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen and jack of all you Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfast and sh-- them out before lunch."

(From the book Holidays In Hell, "Among The Euro-Weenies." pp. 186 - 203)

P.S. I am of German and Norwegian descent, and spent two years in Germany in the AF (80-82). I am glad to hear that a great deal of Europeans love Americans. Unfortunately, I didn't run into many of them during my tour. Mostly just ones that loved my money.
kscoyote said:
PJ ORourke was funny 20 years ago. He's been kind of pathetic since then . . . Sad, really. His writing has descended into retreaded tired old prases, and boorish aphorisms, with none of the biting wit of his previous work. I've been wondering if he's on some sort of medication . . .

I saw him recently on some interview show, and he seemed to be 2 seconds too late on his responses, and most of what he said was just lame. Maybe it's the kool-aid, maybe it's bitterness. All the same, it was like watching a punch-drunk heavyweight trying to get back in the ring.

it was Ali v.s. Holmes -the last one.
Funny...I heard **** Morris on WMAL last week say almost the EXACT SAME THINGS about his last encounter with Bill Clinton...
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