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ford4v429 said:

biggest reasons why the new mustang is such a runaway success:

1) it dont say mustang anywhere on the car
2) from any angle at 4 blocks away everyone instantly recognizes it as a mustang.

the current car captured all the right bits and pieces of the old styling queues to make it the first 'correct' looking mustang in 35 years.

you have definitely got some darn good abilities to photoshop- great pic- but to us classic car nuts(apparently the younger crowds love the new 'stang too) it totally misses the mark.

suggestion: find some pics of a 1969 cougar and freshen it up a bit- I truly believe that might be the only thing close to the current mustang ford could do with such runaway success as the stang. 67-69 cougars were elegant/yet sporty, and downright pretty cars.

a hatchback/pickup/4door/wagon mustang will simply never fly over here...could you imagine BMW bringing back the beautiful M1 or 850 series as a wagon or a 4 door over there?

an updated early cougar just BEGS to go on the mustangs chassis...just my 2 cents.

Actually, it does say "Mustang" on the inside of each door along the rocker panel. Just thought I would mention that.:)
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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