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Ford Promises a Very Long-range EV Next Year

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We subjected you to yet another mention of Ford’s  upcoming electric crossover  this morning, but there’s now a new tidbit of information to share about the green machine that’s due out in 2020, likely carrying the Mach-E (or Mach E) name.

While the automaker stated in the past that it wants a 300-mile range for the vehicle, Ford now suggest owners will be able to drive further than that.

During an electrified vehicle introduction bonanza held in Amsterdam Tuesday, the automaker made mention of the future Mexican-built crossover. The model will boast 370 miles of range on the European WTLP cycle, Ford claims.

While the exact American conversion is hazy, EPA ratings typically come in a little lower than WTLP figures. The best guesses out there are 320 to 330 miles of all-electric driving.

Put another way, that’s more than enough to cover the ground between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia without stopping. The same goes for Detroit to Chicago, Chicago to St. Louis, New York City to Washington DC, New York to Boston, Atlanta to Charlotte, and Dallas to Houston or Oklahoma City.

Of course, several factors will conspire to reduce that range. Highway driving comes with increased aerodynamic drag and reduced regenerative braking, meaning your flat-out interstate drive will return fewer miles before the need to recharge. Running the A/C or heater? That’s another draw. Cold weather will see the vehicle’s battery put forth less range, too.

Still, for a nation addicted to gasoline and fearful of being stranded in remote places inhabited by predatory monsters, every mile Ford can add to its marketing materials will help the company’s green cause — and the EV’s sales.

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