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Ford Racing Lowering N Springs

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I have a '14 V6 auto with performance package with only 10k miles on the car and I have been thinking of getting lowering springs because the stock stance has really just been driving me insane lately and I also want the improvement of handling that goes along with it. I have been looking at the Ford Racing N springs wondering if any of you had anything to say about them? I also wanted to know if I really need a new panhard bar if i get new lowering spring?
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To be thorough, you should look at springs, dampers, and an adjustable panhard bar. Many people have used lowering springs with stock dampers, but you may not be happy with the ride quality. If you do lower the car, then your rear axle MAY need to be re-centered with a panhard bar. You can always do the drop, then measure where your rear end is, and decide.

There are a ton of threads on this stuff, read a bit on the S197 forums and you'll get good info on what to expect from various mods.
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