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Ford Racing valve covers issue

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I bought a brand new set of ford racing valve covers for efi engines and I go to put them on my new heads and both stick up about a half inch on the backside! I figured made in america would be better then some chinese stuff but now I wonder... to get them to fit I had to mill down some unused casting marks inside the valve cover, grind all of them smooth and take the oil baffle out and grind them all on that one smooth too. I dont know if its just my rockers but that seems crazy to me... Im not ripping on ford racing for the quality at all they are great quality but would it take that much effort to make the inside smooth without all the huge casting marks??
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My car had these put on with no issues. Every valve cover install warns of checking clearance with new rockers and covers.

It's not just Ford Racing. And if they make all sides with finished castings the covers would cost more money.
Yea i figured it couldnt just be them but im curious not if anyone else had to mod them
I have a set of ford racing valve covers as well and I had to do the same thing this spring. I wasnt happy about it @ first but once they were bolted on I felt better about it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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