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Ford Readies GT Announcement for America’s Birthday

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Ford is planning on sharing some big, GT-related news for America’s birthday. On Friday, the company said that it would be making “a special Ford GT supercar announcement” during a dedicated press conference at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 4th.

While that’s the correct date, it’s taking place in the wrong country. But we assume Ford has good reason for that. We’re betting this is some performance-plus variant of the model aimed at achieving enviable lap times. As the Goodwood hill climb is all about the beating a stopwatch, perhaps Ford intends on showing the world what its new car can do.

However, that’s only a guess based entirely on the teaser image’s oversized wing and prominent roof scoop — two items the standard GT lacks. The alternative scenario is that this is a new race car for some, yet unknown, series Ford intends to enter.

Director of Ford Performance Hermann Salenbauch and Multimatic Chief Technical Officer Larry Holt will be the ones to make the July 4th proclamation. The “ultra-high-performance” GT announcement is said to take place at Ford’s stand in the Drift Paddock at 4:45 AM (EDT).

a version of this article first appeared on TTAC


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