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Ford Rear End/Differential Identification

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Hey all, does this seem like an 8 inch Ford rear end to you, because it does to me. Going to upgrade to 3.55 gears and wanted to of course make sure before I bought them. Car was originally a 6 cylinder but now has a 351W and I think the previous owner installed a beefier rear end.



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See if you can fit a box-end wrench on the lower 3rd member bolt. If it fits, it's an 8". If not, it's a 9"
It would be better if you posted photos of the front of the unit. The bolt pattern and access is the key.

Attached is the 8" on my '68.


Boss Cars, it does taper on the last 12 inches on both sides. I also thought it was an 8" because the top and bottom of the housing are flat where as the 9 inch is round.
I will look at the bolt pattern and such tomorrow and let you guys know
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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