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Ford Teases SEMA Mustangs

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Ford is sending four customized Mustangs to SEMA this year in Vegas. While the cars have as yet to be unveiled, some teaser photos have been unveiled. Three of the cars are 5.0 GT coupes, and one is 3.7 V6 convertible.

Stitchcraft is the team behind the convertible, and this one-off showcases interior customization. The exterior features 3dCarbon body-kit and a custom paint-job. Performance has of course been increased, this is SEMA after-all. There are Hotchkis coilovers, Wilwood brakes, and Flowmaster exhaust. Lastly there is a nitrous system!

Mothers, who are known for their detailing products, teamed up with RTR, (the guys who built Vaughan Gittin Jr.'s drift car ) and Autosport Dynamics to create a 650 HP GT track-beast. The interior is minimalist with custom Sparco seats. The suspension is tuned for laptimes, the wheel/tire combination is very agressive as is the carbon-fiber RTR body kit.

DSO eyewear have used a Whipple brand, twin-screw, intercooled, supercharger to get 750 HP out of their Mustang GT. Their is a Rockford Fosgate audio system. Like the convertible, this concept also features a 3dCarbon body kit. To make the car corner and stop, their is Eibach suspension and Brembo brakes.

The Ringbrothers team used a carbon fiber body-kit and custom "waterborne" paint to give their car a unique look. The suspension is upgraded and the brakes are made by Baer to improve braking. It needs the upgrades since there is a supercharger under the hood.

For more images head over to Autoguide.
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I was in Vegas during SEMA and heavily regret not going.

i wish i could go to check out SEMA some time i'd be in heaven.
I'd like to see the 3.7.
SEMA would be an awesome event to go to. Always some cool looking mustangs
As if I needed one more reason to go to Vegas :D

I'm going soon too.. damn, wish the timing worked out.
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