Although the Maverick might not be the best-remembered Ford out there, there is an undeniable charm to the name. That might explain why Ford has been trying to trademark the name since 2016 .

The US Patent Office is finally publishing the trademark for opposition (a 30-day “speak now or forever hold your peace” period, as it were).

Although the Maverick name might best be remembered for its attachment to a compact car in the ‘70s, other markets might more recently remember it as an SUV, since it was the name used for what we'd recognize as the Escape outside of America.

That matters since Ford, as you may remember, isn’t interested in selling cars in the US anymore. As a result, you may see the Maverick name applied to a rumored small crossover.

Ford has also trademarked “Timberline,” leading many to speculate that the name will be applied as a trim level for several SUVs.

The company was clear that it would be making many of its SUVs more outdoorsy and off-roady and the Timberline name feels like an easy way to signal that.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know for sure—Ford says it trademarks names often as a matter of course—so only time will tell if a Maverick Timberline makes its way onto dealer lots.

[source: Car and Driver ]