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fornt airbag

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i started the engine for to go to work this morning and than on the gauge i saw the front oirbag light is on anybody have any idea?
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that's gonna be a dealer only fix. I had an Expediton trip an airbag light and it was the main battery's fault (bad cell).
I wouldn't even try to figure out what was wrong, just take it back. It shoud be an easy fix whatever it is, as long as the parts are avaliable. All the airbag stuff should be modular.
Did you have anything at all on the front passenger seat next to you? If so, that may have been heavy enough to disable the front passenger airbag (they don't want the airbag to deploy if a young/small child is in the passenger seat as it may cause more injury to the child). Things like a briefcase, laptop, etc. can do this, too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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