A car is no small investment, and you want it to leave a big impression. Naturally, a modification can improve its appeal. But it's not an exact science, and you don't want to find yourself stuck with a vehicle you find unattractive, driving around town embarrassed over the changes you've made.

Forum user talks about their personal foray into Mustang modification and the possibility of a black matte wrap.

Some hesitation and reluctance to move forward are common, and he states about the wrap, "I'm thinking about having this done to my 'stang and I was wondering if anyone out there has had this done before and how it's holding up. I don't want to drop the $ on it and have it turn out to be crap."

Response and Discussion

In the right circumstances, a wrap can definitely enhance the aesthetic of a car. But they won't last forever, and you'll have to account for the lifespan of the product you choose. Eventually, given weather conditions and other factors, drivers who wrap their cars will need to replace them.

Forum user Muckerpuck comments on this, stating, "Most of the 3M wraps I've seen have been rated at 4 years outdoors, 8 years indoors. So I'm sure if you garage keep your car you can get somewhere in between. It's still way cheaper than a paint job, and what's that gonna look like 4-5 years anyway."

Muckerpuck has a point. In the question of matte versus glossy, paint comes with a lot more hassle. It's the traditional choice, obviously, but an unconventional appearance can turn heads, and after all, you want style, something that'll make a passerby look twice and say, "Wow."

What to Consider With a Wrap

It tends to work for businesses, with 46 percent of people searching for online information about a company within six months of seeing an out-of-home advertisement. A wrap, branded or otherwise, draws attention, adding a sense of personality to a car that you don't get with gloss.

More than that, a wrap won't damage the underlying paint on a vehicle with the right application. Overall, a wrap is less of an investment than repainting a car, because if you don't like the paint job, you're out of luck. With a wrap, you can peel it off, none the worse for wear.

The Final Takeaway

Ultimately, both matte and glossy cars have their own distinct allure. It depends on your preference, current trends and expectations , what you want to achieve with the look and the crowd you intend to impress. Either way, drivers have no shortage of options when it comes to making their final decision.

The general consensus on the subject of wraps is positive. As long as you take the proper precautions before moving ahead with the modifications, cleaning and preparing the car in advance, there's no reason not to make the purchase and see how you feel. If you don't like it, no harm done.