Autocross can be a great way to make inroads into the world of racing — street-class cars don't even need to have racing tires or intensive modifications to be allowed to race. Racing in the more modified classes means you need to start looking at more advanced bolt-ons, which is precisely what forum user Pony RN has questions about — what kind of suspension upgrades does he need for autocross racing? Let's take a look at his car, the possible modifications and what upgrades he ultimately ended up installing.

Pony RN's Mustang

Pony RN's 4.6L Mustang is pretty basic, because in addition to its use in local autocross races, the car is still his daily driver. Right now, the only modification he has installed is a set of H&S lowering springs, and he's looking for advice on other suspension upgrades — shocks, struts, sway bars, roll bars and other upgrade options.

For autocross, the kind of upgrades you install determine the class you race in. Too many modifications might put Pony RN in a category where he won't stand a chance against the competition.

First, Read the Rulebook

As with most things involving cars, you can sum up the first step in an acronym — RTFM, or “read the f****** manual.” In this case, Pony RN needs to read the Sports Car Club of America racing rules from cover to cover to find out what mods are allowed for each class. Too many mods might move him from street class up to a higher class with more skilled competitors.

Upgrade Options

So, what options does Pony RN have for his 4.6? For dampers, Kony Yellows are very popular. There are too many coilover kits to list here, "from cheap China sh!t to kits worth more than your car," according to another forum user . For swaybars, Whiteline or Strano are the popular choices because of the adjustability they offer.

There are no rules about upgrading control arms, but the trick is finding some upgrades that work well for handling. Camber plates are useful upgrades to get more life out of your tires, but ball joint upgrades are against the rules, as are upgrades to the K-member or front A-arms.

The Mustang is Pony RN's daily driver, so he's not planning on making any big changes, but as he moves up the ranks and into higher autocross classes, he could consider other modifications — including racing seats and harnesses, roll bars and other safety equipment, or engine modifications. Then to film the autocross, you can easily attach a GoPro to the roll bar , or get a two-way dash cam that records your car and your driving so you can see how to improve.

Currently, Pony RN is entering his Mustang as-is in local autocross events and has picked up a set of Kony Yellows as the next upgrade because of their affordability. We can't wait to see how his next autocross race goes, and where he takes his build from here. As it stands, his daily driver will fit nicely in the street class, and may even stand a chance against the competition, even with his automatic transmission. We're keeping an eye on his posts, and you should too!