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Foxbody A arms

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Cant decide which arms to get Upr or team z .

Pros and cons would be helpful from people that have used it

Car has stock kemember and might not change it out not sure yet
I don't want the arms to move My tires position either and I wilk get a coilover kit to go with the armz
if anyone know a good kit info would be helpful as well
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In your other thread
you said you wouldn't buy from UPR so why change now?

I would go with either Maximum Motorsports or Team Z .
Mm changes the wheel location so that's why I decided not to get them and upr ppl say is good but I think team z is the way I'm going to go
UPR is chrome-moly. I don't think the other brand is chrome-moly. Of course I'd recommend ours.
What year is your car?
What year is your car?
My bet is on 1991
My bet is on 1991
I ask what year because the 91 in bayarea91 could refer to his birth year?
I have a 1990 'vert which I run non-offset MM A-Arms. My a-arms must be a little older style because I have the stock spring perches and run springs in the stock location with the stock K-Member.
On MM website with their non-offset A-arms it has a note that you must use a coil over setup, they had some different options 2 years ago when I got my A-arms. I have urethane bushings everywhere and the car handles pretty well.

Depending on what type of driving you will be doing you can go with Raceland coil over kit, which you can get CC plates included with coil-over package, for road and occasional track use for a pretty decent price.

MM coil over and CC plates would compliment their A-arms as well. It all depends on money you are willing to spend and what you plan on doing in the future.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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