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Foxbody Front End Shake

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Hey guys so i'm having an issue with my coupe, ever since i bought it, it's had a horrible front end shake at speeds higher then 70MPH. Everything in the front end was stock so i replaced the tie rods inner and outer, ball joints, wheel bearings and brand new rotors and brake pads as well as new front struts. This didn't seem to help at all so i figured it might be tires so i waited and found a nice pair of Cobra R rims for it and wrapped them in brand new tires and had them balanced. Still shakes at around the same speed. The shake is so bad it rattles interior pieces and even the door panels and steering wheel. The shake goes away under 70 and there's not shake when applying the brakes so i don't think its a rotor issue. The only thing i can think is maybe the steering rack is shot and needs to be replaced. Any fox gurus out there that have had something similar? I'll post a picture of the front end alignment after i replaced the tie rods and ball joints. The tech wrote that to correct it back into spec i needed caster camber plates what do you guys think? its a stock front end setup i would think they should be able to bring it back into spec.


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If it was the steering rack it would only shake in the steering wheel, not the entire car. If your whole car is shaking your driveshaft could be out of balance or damaged.
Check the free play in the steering. Do you have
an inch or more in each direction?. If so you should
consider checking the rag joint on the steering shaft.
Also is it an up and down shake or a side to side?.
It feels like a side to side shake and there isn't that much play in the steering wheel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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