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Foxbody Steering column swap

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Has anyone seen like '89 steering column into a 90...or tilt into a non-tilt? I like the feeling of the tilt column...and on another note. Does anybody know who makes a sportish looking steering wheel with cruise control, like grant or something like that.
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it a very common swap you will lose the airbag......

i believe grant has a cruise control kit for their steering wheels......
Grant has a cruise control kit but it costs more than a wheel.
I get discounts...=) gotta love summit...any info on what the actual procedure would be? I'm not worried about the air bag.
That's right, you work there.
The cruise control should come with it's instructions, and it'd mount to one of the wheel spokes. There's 8 of them to choose from.

Grant Products -
:gringreen Sweet, I had seem them i just didn't know how to swap the steering column. So is it just take out the old steering column and put the new one in? bolt here and there or is this a big old headache? or is there someone that makes an aftermarket (not too crazy money wise) steering column with tilt for the 90+ mustang?
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