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Foxfiveoracing Introduction

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:wavey Everyone whats crack n ? My name is Michael Rampani :worship I am 32 yrs old and am married with 1 child ,future drifter :hearton: .I own a 1990 Mustang GT 5.0 with many mods and still modding lol.I live in Hemet ,CA pretty close to everything.Im into all aspects of racing but have been leaning towards the new sport of Drifting.Over the past 2 months I have preped my stang to compete in D1.I still have a ways to go but am making progress steadily.I need a trans rebuild,radiator,and tires most of all but hope to have these things ready for FONTANA by September.I was supposed to be ready for Willow Springs mid August but there is NO WAY I can get it done by then.I want to be the first FOX chassis to be entered in a drift competition.I would like to have a group of us go to Fontana together and drift to show how versitile and aggressive these FOX-CHASSIS can be.No other car in the world has accomplished a racing history like the FOX and I want to take it to the NEXT level with your help.As a group we can accomplish alot,like helping one another in the pits,driving techniques,etc...I also have alot of parts for sale that have come off my car and am not asking an arm and a leg for them.Selling my old parts to you helps me buy things that are needed to get my FOX drifting.I also will be opening a web site catering to the FOX drifting.I will let you all know whats up when it opens up.Im a die hard racer,and do all I can to help others hook up on parts,info anytime.I will be showing pics of the stang and parts soon.I also have videos of me in the canyons and Drift Associations drifting 101 series on dvd for those who would like technical info on how to drift.It shows alot of info mostly in car views of the footwork involved,which I found to be awsomely done.You can contact me through my IM to mustangdrifting or my e-mail at [email protected] or use this site or call me at my house Im there all the time working on the FOX.(951)658-4437
Hopefully you got an idea of who I am and what Im into and dont forget to please be safe out there on the streets and try to refraine from street racing and drifting parking lots.I have seen alot of guys LOSE those rides to the police and most of all lives lost.It happened to me and trust me 30 day holds are not cheap plus the fines involved.Thanks for reading and check out my e bay store called mustang mikes,lots of stuff on the site plus more coming!
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and welcome to AFM...
Hey Michael, welcome to AFM and good luck with the drifting thing.
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