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From 10 Sec. Firebird Formula to 96 Cobra

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Hey everyone,

Just picked up a 96 Cobra. The car only has 24,000 miles on it. The exterior and interior are in great condition. It actually was the Offical Pace Car for the opening day at ADIRONDACK INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY (AIS). There a couple of videos YouTube with it pace the field. The car is completely stock.

I was able to negoitate with the prevoius owner and purchased the car for $6500. :bigthumbsup I think it was a really good deal concerning the mileage and condition of the Cobra.

I sold my 98 Firebird Formula (Cammed, Stalled, Sprayed) last year because I only race at the track and with a new child I was never able to go. Plus, the Nitrous bottle would have been near her car seat. Best time was 10.55 at 126 at NYRIP.

I know it is really really slow next to my Formula but I really enjoy driving the car plus my wife likes it:worship. Just need to remove the stickers which you can see in the picture.

I intend on keeping it stock.

Look forward to meeting everyone!!!!


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Heck yeah, what a deal for a car with that kinda milage...welcome aboard, enjoy the ride
That is an absolutely smoking deal. I would figure she would sell in the 10k range with that mileage. You got a deal sir. Only thing I ever hear bad about the 96s are the radiators aren't up to the task. They have the good looks with the snake snout hood.
Thanks guys. Looking forward to reading more about your cobras.
Beautiful car !!! Awsome deal!! good luck with the car :bigthumbsup
Great car and great deal. Consider it an extreme upgrade over the Getta Mechanic piece you used to have!
Great car and great deal. Consider it an extreme upgrade over the Getta Mechanic piece you used to have!

Actually my Formula was the most reliable car I have ever owned. Never put a dime into it other than mods and oil changes. Never even a hiccup with over 500+ hp to the wheels. The car was also very streetable. My wife used to drive it all the time. I hope the cobra is as reliable!!!!
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I've owned two '98 Cobras(still got one of them) and they are very reliable. I respect keeping a low mileage car stock, except for one thing... Ford gave those cars a ride height like a 4x4 truck lol! The first thing I did with mine was lower them with a set of Eibach springs, or the FRPP "B" springs. I've always loved the hood/front bumper area on the 96-98's. Put the drivetrain from a wrecked '03-04 Cobra in that body and you'd really have something sinister on your hands there:winks
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