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Railrider said:
Sorry guys,

I live in Richmond, VA and I too was disgusted with the idea of a front plate but the law requires one here, Thinking luck was on my side I decided not to put the holes in my front bumper and leave the plate in the trunk...NO SUCH LUCK!! After only 2 weeks I was pulled over by the State Police for no plate on the front...Damn! After talking to the nice officer and receiving a nice present for the holidays from him..$500 dollar fine Thank You ,I went to the nearest FORD dealer to see about purchasing a bracket/holder for the front, And what do you think the parts clerk told me?? No such animal, your only option is to get out the drill and have at it, I know it sucks but that what it takes to avoid the High price of not having the plate up there where it is required by state law, Merry Christmas.
Man, I feel for you guys. No front plates in Florida. Ford should have made a bracket. That would suck to have to drill into the bumper, just for a license plate. I only want to put holes into mine if I can get some additional HP!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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