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front lower grill

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Okay so last night I was cruising on what could best be described as a farm road; no lights, no cars, just me. It was pretty dark so I couldn't see much. well at the bottom of a hill by a railroad tracks I see something small in the middle of the road and with no time to react it went straight underneath me. I heard a sound that resembled a tree branch scarping the underbody of my car. It stopped after a couple of feet but I turned around just curious to see what it was. I shine my high beams and what do I see in the middle of the street? A freaking armadillo (unharmed I might add, even though I was pulling about 40 at impact). Right next to where he was I see my lower honeycomb grill laying in the middle of the road. I pick it up and put it back in and it seems to fit fine but i had been considering choosing a new lower grill (I already have a billit overlay upper grill) and I got an idea from one of my co-workers. cut off the brackets to mount the grill. here are some pictures. I can either do that or buy the lower billit grill to match my upper one. Let me know what you guys think I should do.Iignore the paint chips I'll take care of 'em when I'm done. The first picture is my car right now and the second and third are my co-worker's stang.

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get a billit grille to match the top,good look'n car and why spraypaint (thats what people see first down the road)
it's not spray paint it's redfire touch up paint. o'reily sells it and it matches perfectly.
still like the looks of billit on both (sleek look) i see them on ebay (-$$
I'd go with the matching grill. and if I lived down there I'd keep a baseball bat in the car for those pesky critters
don't really have the money for the lower billit grill because I'm saving for rims/catless bbk h-pipe/tuner/stripes

i think i'm going to do the bracket delete
has anyone else done this?
dont cut it out get a new grill, your car wont look as good, because the lower grill on you car is completely different then a GT
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