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front suspension upper arm in 65

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Hi guys,

My front suspension has started to make this screatching noise. Interesting enough increasing after I drive for a while (and when the engine is warm, but I do not see the connection here). I have not been able to pump any grease in the the shaft nipples, Nipples seem to be stuck closed (is this a common problem?).
I realize that the arm installed is a cheap repro from china/japan. I am thinking of replacing the arms with better ones and made in US.
My question, are the more expensive arms indeed that much better or should I stick with the el cheapo 80dollar jobs. Or should I just replace the shaft?
Which brand is worth buying.
How do I prevent this issue in future.

Any experience that you can share with me would be highly appreciated.


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Forgot to say that the suspension was lowered and the tires are close to the fenders
Thanks. I think I look into the SD ones. Are they expensive? How often do upper arms need to be replaced/rebuild. Is this a often reoccurring problem? If often, I may try to rebuild. I am starting to think that the wear may have something to do with the shorter springs in the front suspension. They may put a different direction force on the arm bearings. I will have a look at them and check where they have worn. Lowering suspension looks very nice, but I wonder how good it is for the vehicle.
upper arm issue- problem solved

Right. I went overkill with the upper arm, and did the change out. Found out that the issue was the upper arm shaft bolt that had backed out and made the noise. I did know it was a horrible metal noise and for that matter could have been the shaft as well. See picture, next time, only replace the bolt not the entire arm (although Now a good american built arm is in place.
I am holding off on the perch as they were in great shape, but when their time has come I will go for the roller type. Looks much better technology to me.



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