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FRPP 05 GT axle back question

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Ordered a set of FRPP axleback exhaust & received them today. I wanted the ones that look like the Borla S-type but I received ones that look like the reg. muffler shape with nicer tips. The part number is the same but these have a "Q" at the end of part number. I guess these are the 50 state legal type & the Q stands for Quiet or Quieter?
I think I will send them back but I wonder if anyone has heard these Q types ona car & how they sound?
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No idea? Did you ask FRPP?
The ones with the "Q" are the 50-state legal version. The ones without the "Q" are 50-state noise legal, nothing about emissions legal.
G could just bget the BORLA's!
Well I put the "Q"s on. They were only very slightly deeper & almost the same loudness. Almost identical to stock sound. I hurried & took them suckers back off. My dealer has agreed to take them back & send me the louder canister looking FRPP exhaust that I wanted.

I decided on the FRPP's because of their lower price vs the Borlas.

So I had to put the stock exhaust back on & now I await the UPS truck again.
You will be glad that you did. The FRPP Borla's are sweeeeet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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