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FRPP Springs/Struts/Shocks

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Lowers the front 1" and the rear 1 1/4" after settling. You will need a spring compressor to remove the stock spring to reuse the strut mount but the FRPP spring is short enough to reassemble by hand.

The change in the front handling isn't as noticable as the rear. The rear shocks could use a softer compression. On most roads it is fine, but uneven joints or poor/sunken patches in the road or dips and you will notice it is much stiffer. But now I have an irritation in the passenger seat to deal with.

I think the biggest improvement is the rear. I will replace the front endlinks and front sway bar mounting bushings only and replace the rear bar and mounts to an adjustable bar like the Helwig. It provides 2 mounting positions and is availible separately.

The reason for the adjustable endlinks is that during the removal one endlink came right out but the other side was binding. Measuring before and after showed a 1/8 hieght difference indicating the chassis may be preloaded.

As with the rear, the front springs and struts didn't have any names on them to indicate manufactor. The struts did need to have the bottom hole enlongated to allow for camber adjustment. The struts came with new adjusting bolts and locking nuts for the endlinks but no nut for the strut mount. (?)

The springs do have a Ford pt# but the dampers don't. The springs and dampers are two different colors of blue. The dampers are gas charged.

So, if any V6 owner wants a good cheap suspension upgrade, my old dampers are for sale cheap, 4K miles on them.
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Pics added, the drop down box was loading real slow B4

All the stuff is here just waiting on the car. I thought you would appreciate some pics of the entire package. I put the wheels in just for good measure.
forgot to tell you, I really dig the chin spoiler. Nice work!

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