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Hello all,

I am now offering powder coated cobra calipers with no down time for the end user!

I have rebuilt calipers on hand waiting to be coated in your choice of color. You pick the color, I send them your way and once you complete the swap send your old calipers back to me. Quick and painless with no downtime on your everyday driver.
Pricing is as follows, this is for pairs of calipers

$100 for single coat colors
$125 for multiple coat colors
$150 for calipers single or multi coat with lettering done in a different colors

If when you get the finished product installed, and are not happy with you color choice, ship them back and I will recoat FOR FREE! until you are happy with the correct color scheme. I understand sometimes things don't look the same on the car as the vision you may have had.

I will be holding a core charge of $50.00 per caliper as well, which will be refunded when you old calipers arrive at my shop. I tried not doing this at first, but I got burned a few times, sorry.

Visit my website to see the gallery of some of my work. It will be apparent your calipers would be in good hands.
Everything you need is there on the website, shipping forms, color choices, and what goes on in the process.

Contact me at [email protected] or call/txt my cell 409-782-3451

At these prices this is a real service for the mustang community and I am looking forward to having a part in some of your beautiful cars.

Jonathan Ross Gibbs


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