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Fuel capacity for a 86LX 3.8L

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First of all i have an 86 lx 3.8l and i was wondering what the fuel capacity is?
Also i will be doing my spark plugs tomorrow and i cant find where it says the gap. and i cant afford a manual right now.

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not sure on either of the two, if you buy spark plugs made for your car they should be pre-gapped to stock specs.
15.4 gallons, and spark plugs NEVER are gapped correctly, so never just put them in. I am not sure of the propper gap, I would go talk to the guys at, they are the best source, and tell them what plug you will be using
When you buy the plugs the parts store should have the gap in the computer. A quick check to says the gap is .054. Same as my 97.
Thanks guys,
I didnt think they would come pre gaped.

Anyway gotta get back to school work......
Not like i do any work we usually just play DOOM II over the network.


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