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Fuel Gauge Problem

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My 93 lx just ran out of gas with a little less than half of a tank showing on the dash. Could it be the fuel tank sending unit? It also only let me put in 7 gallons to fill it and the nozzle at the pump shut off and the fuel gauge was now showing full. Would the fuel tank sending unit prevent it from actually filling up all the way?
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Was the fuel pump assembly ever replaced with a cheap aftermarket one?
The only thing that would keep it from filling up is if it were full. It may keep trying to click off if there was some kind of vent tube blockage issue but you would still be able to pump it full, just at slower rate.
My long gone 2001 Sport Trac had a cheap fuel pump that broke the welds for the pump and sender bracket and it then dangled/floated higher in the tank. It would stop pulling fuel and run dry with about 1/2 tank of gas in it so I had to keep it above that level. My guess is that this is what's happening with yours.
You may need a new pump housing/carrier: 1993 FORD MUSTANG 2.3L L4 Fuel Pump & Housing Assembly | RockAuto
Delphi is going to be your best option for quality.
Not sure if it was replaced previously, I just bought the car 2 months ago and the car was sitting for about 6 years as well.

Forgot to add, while I'm replacing the fuel pump should I just go ahead and replace the fuel sending unit while the tank is dropped?
It's really up to you but if the sender reads the correct fuel level then if it were me then I'd probably leave the original in there.
I would drive the car as much as you can before replacing the pump assembly in order to burn as much gas out of it as possible. The more gas that's in the tank the harder it'll be to balance and maneuver it.
If it's the original tank then I wouldn't be surprised if it has some bad rust on top of it. The straps are held in by a bolt on each one in a body nut. Those nuts are sometimes known to rust badly making it difficult to impossible to remove the bolts. I remember that I had to use my Dremel to cut one of the bolt heads off to get it out in that very tight area. If you have to do this you'll need those special nuts and replacement bolts. I think that I had to sacrifice the tank strap to drop the tank but just in case that if you do they're reproduced so no big deal.
Ok, gonna try to have it replaced in the next week or so. First need to have oil pan gasket leak fixed.Running it low on gas will be tricky as once it gets at half tank it's tough to tell.
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