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Fuel Gauge Problems

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Currently, my 'Stang has a problem with the fuel gauge on the factory installed instrument gauge cluster.

When the fuel is filled all the way to the top, the fuel gauge does not read. However, when the fuel gets to low, it works again.

I talked to a friend of mine and he said that it either has something to do with the gauge cluster itself (the plastic getting in the way of it reading) or with something within the tank.

Any ideas?
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There's a module on 'em that goes bad, but I've only heard of it to cause the gauge to not work. My '84 had a module up in the dash that I had to replace in order to get my low fuel light to work. Not sure where it is in the later models though.
It's on the back of the instrument cluster. You need to take off the light switches and lense to get to it. It's on the backside, about 2"x2"
Could it be the fuel sending unit?
I'd suspect that chip behind the dash first. I've seen atleast 5 people go through the whole sending unit thing before replacing that chip and it solving the problem.
I've got the same problem with my 88. This chip that should be checked, is it on the back of the actual gauge cluster?! Or behind the dash itself?! What does it look like?
On my 88 convertible when I looked, it didn't have a chip. I believe they call that chip a fuel gauge amplifier or something of that sort.

I have seen them on 90+ models. I havent had to check my 89 yet (knock on wood. It's on the back of the actual gauge cluster.
Thanks, Ghost.

I'm going to change out the Fuel Sending Unit and Be certain to check that chip on the back of the cluster.

Any idea where a new one could be purchased?
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