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Fuel injector replacement

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So I am throwing around the idea of changing my fuel injectors. I have a 1998 V6 Mustang 3.8L. I am wondering if this is something I can do at home or should I take it somewhere to have it done. Also, does anyone know the basic steps to replacing the injectors? I would be replacing them with stock injectors- nothing fancy. The injectors I have in there now are original to the best of my knowlege. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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For a less expensive option, consider an injector cleaning and flow test service such as Once cleaned and tested they will be as good as new.

If interested in getting a Service manual on DVD I maybe able to help. PM. The service manual will show the steps in great detail as well as almost any other repair procedure that your car may need.
Where can I get a service manula?
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