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Fuel leak

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Okay everybody, I picked up a 92 calypso green notch on Saturday
5L 5sp and well I have a fuel leak.

It started with me letting the car run to heat up and all of a sudden my dad he noticed fuel seeping from the fuel line to fuel rail connection.

So I took it apart and this lazy guy that had the car before me left the original fitting that clips or snaps (hard to explain) into the original fuel rail trimmed the soft line and slid the new line over top just tightening a gear clamp expecting it too hold the fuel line on.
The pressure is set a 43lbs on this car so eventually it was obviously gunna leak.

Now I also noticed these fuel lines go all the way back to the tank and I know he said he put a Holley 255lph pump in there should I drop the tank and make sure those connections are good?

I also noticed there is no fuel filter..

But for on the fuel rails is there a fitting I can buy that will snap into the stock rail connection and let me connect the bigger fuel line?

I think its called push lock? Or barb style fitting? It looks ribbed at the end

I did look at the edelbrock fuel line kit but at the moment I don't want to spend $88 for something that may cost $30 for 2 fittings and a new fuel filter

Any suggestions would be appreciated or someone too lead me in the right direction would be helpful

Thanks Jason
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Are you talking about something like these?

fuel line adapter fitting -® Search

If not, try searching Late Model Restoration Ford Mustang Parts, Mustang Restoration
This will become your new bank!!!
Close but but the opposite lol I need a fitting to adapt aftermarket fuel lines too stock fuel rails.

Not stock fuel lines to aftermarket fuel rails

These are what I was looking for 😁

Thanks man lead me too the right website :)
Nvm they're 11-14 mustang jeez
But they look like that
Will one set of these work for the whole fuel rail?
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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