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Fuel Line Question

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I just purchased a 1987 LX 5.0 and it has a fuel delivery issue (I think). IT will start after having to pump the fuel pedal multiple times until it tries to start... then I turn the key off and try to start it again. It starts right up and runs for about 30 seconds at which point it sputters and dies.

The question I have is on the fuel lines (primarily). Between the fuel rails and the hard fuel lines (along the frame rail) is a cobbled together mess. I cannot tell which is line is what at this point and need a clear picture of a correct set up as well as information on what type of lines go in that area (flex/rubber lines?). :?:

The other issue I have is between the TB and the Air box was a rubber flex air hose (like a home dryer hose) and no MAF. I don't think this car came equipped with a MAF (mainly because I see no wires for such around) and I seem to remember some 'stangs back then had no MAF.

That is it for now... God knows I WILL have more later! :yelwacko:
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You should post some pictures up of the engine compartment.

'87 wasn't a MAF car, so unless it has been converted it's speed density.

I would check the fuel pressure at the rail before you assume it's a fuel issue. It's relatively easy, and could save you a lot of chasing and/or work.
Like I said, you need to start with a FP check...
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