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Fuel not getting to my carb. Need some advice

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So, I just did a ton of work to my 66 convertible. I replaced the fuel pump. added a new fuel filter, new rubber hose from the fuel pump to the carb and added a 600cfm edelbrock carb. NOW, when we start the car it will run for a few seconds, then stall out. We pulled the hose off of the inline filter and there was barely any fuel at all coming out of the line. SO, what else could it be? A bad fuel sending unit sock? Junk in the main fuel line? Where should I go next? Thanks guys!
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Think I figured it out

Last night while watching TV, I had a thought. What if one of the lines in the engine compartment is kinked? So, I went outside to check, and sure enough the fuel line is folded over completely right where it comes into the engine compartment. The main hose for the P/S pump is bending it back. Going to try to get that fixed today. I'll let everyone know if that fixes it.

Thank you for the great advice. I might still need it!
Well I think that was it

I rerouted the fuel line around the P/S pump lines and that removed the 90 degree kink. Once the carb had fuel in it and it ran for a couple minutes, I drove it around the block. It runs great until I idle at the stop signs. I think the carb needs a little more adjusting. It's an edlebrock 600 cfm 1406 model.

Any thoughts on adjusting it? I know it's supposed to be simple, but I've never done it before.
Yeah, thanks for the manual PDF. I don't know what I'm really looking for in it, though.

I won't be at any local cruise-ins for a couple weeks at least. Some moron plowed into my RH quarter panel and did a grand of damage or so. Greatest thing is that it was a hit and run!
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