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Fuel not getting to my carb. Need some advice

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So, I just did a ton of work to my 66 convertible. I replaced the fuel pump. added a new fuel filter, new rubber hose from the fuel pump to the carb and added a 600cfm edelbrock carb. NOW, when we start the car it will run for a few seconds, then stall out. We pulled the hose off of the inline filter and there was barely any fuel at all coming out of the line. SO, what else could it be? A bad fuel sending unit sock? Junk in the main fuel line? Where should I go next? Thanks guys!
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Hello MusicCityMustan,
You have been given some great advice already BUT
I like to start simple and easy.

Several things you could check
1. - Make sure the lines are feeding the pump correct. There is an inlet and outlet connection on the pump. They probably are if you get some gas.
2. - When you changed the lines - - did you use 5/16 fuel line? If you use a hose too large, you will not create a suction. Even clamping tight will not help sometimes.

3. - Check all the rubber (neoprene) hoses. Be cure to check the one at the sending unit.

4. - As Paul wrote - check to be certain the pump arm is under the ecentric.

5. - Try blowing a LITTLE compressed air back fronm the steel line where it enters the
inner fender. See if you hear bubbles in the tank. DON"T use too much pressure.

You may have to pull the sending unit - -BUT I like to start small.

Print Dad
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