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Fuel Pressure Issue

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Again I'm in need of help. I've readjusted my roller rockers a week after I installed them along with my trick flow heads, cobra intake, 24# injectors. I had a running problem under a light load at about 1500-200 rpm. After I made the adjustment it seemed to cure the running issue very little. I then installed a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail, and bumped up the fuel pressure about 5#s, again this seemed to help, now it's running rough about 1900-2100 rpm. I've also reset the timing to about 12 degrees. All of this seems to have helped a bit, but, maybe I need to tune more? Any help with what I should set the fuel pressure at?

This is a list of the other items that I already have: 65mm TB, fenderwell cold air kit, under drive pullies, complete headers back(x-pipe)exhaust.

The fuel pump is still stock, and I replaced it about 6 years ago. I also had an aftermarket distributor prior to all of this, but, I had to re-install my factory being the new one that I had wouldn't go back on with the new cobra intake on there. So this is another issue that I also need help with, finding a distributor that will work for me with no clearence issues with the intake.

Thanks Ghost once again for all of your help, and anyone else that can help me with this would be great! I'm in the military and my time as of lately has been very short, so this issue that I'm having has been on going for about 2 weeks now.
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well, maybe it's the fuel pump, being it's 6 year old and stock may be the problem.. I would try a aftermarket pump..
You did not mention if you upgraded the MAF to match those 24# injectors. :?:
Yes, I did upgrade the MAF to match the new injectors. I also changed on vaccum line on the intake, and capped off the line for the TB and that seemed to help with the running a bit more.
Have you pulled the codes?

If you are in the military, does Ft. Leonard Wood have a 'hobby shop'?

Or take the car to Autozone or ??. They will pull the codes for free.

The problem sounds a little like a possible coolant sensor problem.
I haven't had it scanned for any codes yet, I never even thought about that. I did have a coolent leak in the EGR plate, but I fixed that. I will have the codes check, and I'll let you know what I came up with.
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