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fuel pump trouble

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i am new here i have done the search thing
and found nothing. i have a 92 5.0 lx car quit last nighti towed it home
to check it closer. well i turn the key on and cant here my fuel pump running
im looking around checking wires. a friend gets in the car turns the key on and thefuel pump starts running. so while it is idleing we here the pump quit
again. it has done this three times now not sure of my problem can someone help

thank you
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How the wires look? Is there any rust on the ends of connectors to the pump. or to any wires?
The 90 and 88 gt's I have, have the fuel relay mounted on a bracket under the driver seat. Their also is a cut off switch in the trunk by the driver side tail light assembly, in the event of a rear collision. I would inspect the wiring in these areas.
How do you know that the pump itself quit? The car might have stalled for another reason and the fuel pump turned off. After the car stopped did you check for spark ?

I would get your ignition control module inspected also.
A friend of mine has a similar problem on his 93 gt. the fuel pump is not turning on. motor cranks but no start. I gave it a shot of either ran for a few seconds. He replced the pump and relay, check the inertia switch it was good, wiring look good.Does anyone know the power source for the relay? or what could cause this problem. Thanks
I've got the same problem. I get spark and my inertia switch is good. I turn the key on and don't hear the pump. everything is connected and appears to be in good working order. Is this typically a bad fuel pump?
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