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Fuel Pump with Whipple SC - 06 GT

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I have a 2006 GT with the Ford Racing/Whipple supercharger with intercooler kit (M-6066-M11) that puts down ~475rwhp.

Recently I went out for a drive, and about 10 mins in the car stalled out. Charged the battery, it would start but immediately stall out after 1-2 seconds. I cleaned the MAF sensor, and replaced the fuel filter a few months ago and the same issue persists, so my assumption is the fuel pump is bad.

The Whipple kit came with the GT500 dual fuel pump, I've tracked down part M-9407-GT05. My question to the board: are there any alternatives to the GT500 pump for my setup? Would prefer to not drop $700 on a fuel pump if I don't have to.

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There are many fuel system alternatives, however none of them are inexpensive.

I would first get the issue Properly diagnosed before throwing any money at parts. It could be something much less expensive.
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