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i have an edelbrock performer 1406* 600cfm carb on my tuned 302, it should work fine, but i never consider the altitude im in mexico thts 7200feets, according to edelbrock manual this means than the carb its gonna be running to rich because the air is to dense, and is.
black smoke and fuel smell all the time, no leaks.
so here are the options the carb has an .98 jet in main and .95 in secondary
and i should use .92M and .86S and new rod
i have been trying to find the new jets and rod to make the correct adjustment but i cant find anything "freaking mexico" they even get scared when they see the carb. so no edelbrock spareparts here for sure =:_[
im afraid to order them online but thts not the main problem, the issue here is that there is no kit for the adjustment i need to do =:_[ so i have to buy the jets and rod individualy and guess what, the online stores only sales kits... soo =:_\
what results could i reach if i just swap the jets???? meaning the .98 to secodary and .95 to main??? yyaaaayyy!!!
any ideas will be most wellcome or if somebody knows where can i get this items online:worship please!
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