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Funny kill-Involves cops...

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Well, Though I wasn't in the Stang when i made this kill (it was when I owned my Z) I still think its pretty funny so ...

It was about 3 months ago...I have a friend with some modded looked old and was really loud... He would always be nagging me to race him, time went by and finally I said okay we can run them just for fun I guess...
I live in mid-state NY where it is rather un-developed, so there are alot of open deserted roads and such to play around in...I know one road thats way out in the distance, its straight, long and is a dead end, so its great if you wanna mess around a little.
Anyways, we go and line up on the road. A guy gets out of his car and stands in front, ready to wave us the go. Right as we were about to...A cop whips in and throws the lights and blips the sirens...I was like "well, bye bye license"

So, the cops sitting behind both of our lined up cars and I immediately get out thinking of some kind of a lie, acting casual....Then, the luckiest thing that quite possibley has ever happened, happened on that day...

I walk up and its a chick on her cellphone...LOL...she says "hold on" and she's like what are you guys doing? I'm like oh uh we're lost looking for (so and so's) adress and she replies "well that way On the right is Middletown and down there to the left is Pine bush" I'm like okay thanks and she got back on her cellphone jabbering away, and drove off...:headscratch:

I think it'll be the only time a cop whips in on 2 people about to race, and completely ignores the fact and pays more attention to a friend on her cell phone. Surreal moment.

Anyways we ended up racing at a later date though I was pretty weary this time and I won by like 4 car lengths at about 110 The End:nogrinner
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wow. the cop musta been clueless or didn't really care.
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