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Funny story

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I was just looking through various forums and stumbled over this.

Ok, friend is driving down the wait...i mean so there i was driving down the road, in my brand new 2006 Mitsubishi my new Enzo Ferrari. Anyways this suped up mini van goes blowing past me, so i hit my super duper nitrious times 10 go-go juice....i hit 300 mph as i go flying by this guy, don't ask me how i recognized him at 300 mph, but the guy who was driving the minivan from hell was my cousin's brother's uncle's sister....Mary Billbo Sue Bob McClarence so i waved. Anyways as my 3 mile a second car comes to a stop near 10th street right by my California on a super duper nice sunny California day. A Skyline comes rolling up, he reves his engine, i rev mine...we stare into each other's eye's with fury...the light goes green, by first gear i had him by two car lengths, 3rd goes by and im 28.5 car lengths ahead of him. the 1/4 mile whizzes by and i claim yet another victory, for my young stupid 16 year old colleges who drive really expensive cars and really expensives stories you can buy now from the #1 site in expensive stories CHECK OUT! www. BULLsh**.com If you would like to hear more, call 1-800-FROM-MY-a**

This is for all those out there, who like to pull sh** from their a**, i will flame you and burn you, if you don't like me great! in the mean time continue to suck my balls....
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That's by far one of the coolest texts I've ever read!
Assuming that the guy is bulls-ing, he has to be a pretty cool kid.

nice post!
that was some funny sh*t for sure
hey grooms what happened to your stang? it couldnt have been to long ago when you were talkin about just getting it and now youv'e totaled it!

damn tree just jumped right our in front of you didn't it
well my car is in mustang heaven. I made a stupid mistake and paid for it..... dearly. So now I got my liscense suspended for 6 months and do not have a car.... even though my parents have the $9200 just sitting there... The only good thing is that insurance will not get raised because they charged me with illegal parking (Somehow i illegally parked into a tree and fire hydrant) instead of failure to control so it didnt put points on my liscense...*sigh*... im still hoping to get another stang but... its not happening.
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