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Update: since first publishing this piece, we received more photos of the car and have inserted them in the gallery above.

The Mustang Bullitt , being based on the movie car of same name, always comes in dark green. This time around, though, Ford promised us a Shadow Black paint color as well. 

Unfortunately, Ford has so far opted not to show a Bullitt in black at any car shows or in any press photography. Fortunately, we have spy photographers who were only too happy to snap a few shots of the car driving on public streets. 

Like the green Bullitt, and indeed the original movie Bullitt, this one deletes the running Mustang emblem on the grille so there's no obstruction to the air charging into the 5.0-liter V8 that powers this beast.

In black, the Bullitt is just as capable of churning out 475 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque and will same the same 163 mph (limited) top speed because paint color--no matter what your best friend told you when you were 13--doesn't affect that kind of thing.

And while it may be a little strange to offer a car based on a movie car in any other color than the green it appeared in in the movie, it does at least look pretty mean in black. 


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