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Gas mileage

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Hey All,
Just out of curiosity, what kind of gas mileage are you able to get. My GT window sticker claims 17/25 (city/highway), now I am under no delusion, I do understand that those numbers are not always correct and driving habbits will play heavily on individual results, but to date, the best I can get in my GT Vert is 19.2 mpg. I do not race it, it has not been over 100 mph (yet), I do not use the AC, and I practice decent drving habits (mainly because my 4-yr old daughter is usually with me), but I still get significantly lower mileage than what is advertised by Ford or reported by the car magazines. How are the rest of you doing with mileage?
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For the life of my GT (6K km = roughly 4K mi) I'm getting 12.5L/100Km or just a shade under 19mpg. I definitely don't baby it though, and it sees a lot of around-town.

On the highway, right at 65mph I can flirt with 30mpg depending on conditions, 28 is about what I average in that situation. At 80mph I'm running about 23 mpg.

Gas is hovering right around $1/L ($3 US / gal) in Canada, +/- 10% (daily fluctuations of $0.10/L are not uncommon) so I like to experiment ;)
I'm getting an average of 10.......:shocked:
So far around 20mpg. Combination highway and city. My GT gets better mileage than my Sport Trac, which is lucky to squeaze out 17 combined. :doh: I haven't taken a road trip where it only gets filled on the highway. I am pretty sure though I would get 23 or more mpg then.
mustangbaxter said:
I'm getting an average of 10.......:shocked:
Those continuous in place wheel burnouts will do that. LOL.
Zrullac said:
Those continuous in place wheel burnouts will do that. LOL.
no accually I think its the 3.2 city miles I drive one way to work. I'm lucky to get into third gear.......
in town traffic to and from work - around 18, including the occaisional streetlight battle.

on the interstate with the cruise set - 25+

Baxter - SHIFT UP!
But but but it sounds oh so SWEET going 40 in second:evillol:
25 on a long trip but I have to admit that's when traffic forces me to do 65 as opposed to 85+ like I like. City is bad, but, improving w/ miles and oil changes. I have 7500 mi now and have had 2 oil changes. I get about 15 city (up from 12!).

I must be doing something severely wrong or something is amiss. I grant, I only have 750 miles on my girl, but the best I have gotton is 19.2 mpg, but usually average closer to 17. Out of my 750 miles, all but about 50 +/- miles is pure highway mileage. And out of the 700 (or so) highway mileage, very littel of it is stuck in traffic mileage. So in short, the over whelming majority of my mileage is open freeway mileage and the best I can do is 19.2 mpg. HHhhhhhhhhmmmmmm...... :doh:
Only got about 475 miles on mine, mostly city traffic (we don't have freeways where I live)... with a little of deliverin pizzas. I'm currently getting 16.2 mpg, which I don't consider all that bad really. I'm fairly "gentle" most of the time, except when I'm not.
I can get anywhere from 10 to 26. 10 is much more fun:gringreen . 26 was highway with cruise locked at 70:sleeping: . Normal hwy/city mix i get 18-19:) .

10 mpg is the best, if I want better gas mileage I will drive the focus:winks
I just went out and checked mine and it said 21.5. I dont remember the last time i reset it, but it is always about the same. We went for a 2 hour drive this afternoon, and I only did a few burnouts.
I know you all have the GT, and I'm driving the V6... But I was shocked when I got 26.6 mpg on an all day cruise one day... I usually average between 23.5 and 25... lately its been in the 23 rage due to the warm weather and the A/C blasting away.

If we wanted good gas milage we would have bought a Honda...
I went to Detroit last weekend and average 25.6 cruising @ 78. I wish they would have put in a 6 spd manual and the mpg would be even better. I had a 99 Vette 6 spd that would get 33 MPG going to Detroit @ 75 mph. At that speed it ran @ 1600 rpm.
14.5 in town and 22 on highway with Saleen twinscrew blower at 450+hp at the crank. 11 when I'm cranking down on her. :eyepoppin
18-20 in town combined driving and 25-27 on road trips. Got a big boost in mileage somewhere after 2000 miles.
I get 15 in town and 25-26 on the highway at 70-75 MPH. Even though I know it is not supposed to make any difference, I swear I get better mileage on mid-grade versus regular; 2-3 miles per gallon. Was getting 23 MPH on regular. Guy in my Mustang club with an 05 GT says same thing - better mileage on mid-grade. Again, I know it is not supposed to make any difference, BUT

When running on regular or mid-grade I get a bit of a throttle delay; however, on regular, once the engine responds it bogs a bit before taking off. On mid-grade I get the delay, but the engine has no hesitiation after that. Yes, I know it should not matter. Discovered this all by accident on a trip when I stopped for gas and the station was out of regular.

Or maybe it is just all in my head...
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