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Gas tank

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I pulled the gas tank out of my 88 and I am concerned I might need a new one. There's a thing, not sure what its called but I think it holds gas for the fuel pump. Is that suppost to be loose or is it suppost to be welded down??? Thanks in advance.
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There are a couple baffles in the tank that keep the fuel from sloshing around when it gets low, so the pump doesn't run dry. They shouldn't be loose, no.
So should I buy a new tank or what
Is the baffle being loose going to cause complications?
Possibly. I would want to know why it came loose. Is it rusting? Any signs of it rusting through where the baffle came loose from the bottom?

Obviously the baffles are there for a reason, so it could cause problems every time you drive and your fuel is low. You could check junk yards for a used tank in good condition or go with a new.

What problems were you experiencing that made you drop the tank?
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I wouldn't chance it...more problems will arise down the road...but that's me. I had an 95 F150 where both tanks were rusted and dripping both for $50 each at a local junk yard. Included pump, sending unit, everything.
Yea I wanna go brand new but good quality and a decent price
Failed evap for smog
That has nothing to do with a loose or broken tank baffle.:)
That has nothing to do with a loose or broken tank baffle.:)
But the gas gauge acting weird would be right
I forgot to mark my fuel lines so I don't know wich is wich
At the tank and filter?

3/8 inch Diameter= Return
1/2 inch Diameter =Supply
Cool thanks. So I can't mix up the two because the hoses connector arent the same size
I seen a video on installing a gas tank and they used Vaseline on the rubber pieces on the gas tank does that sound right?
Use a water based lube for orings and seals. Seriously...use KY for assembly(no joke).
But you never really indicated what the issue was. Your tanked hacked on the inside? Or is your pump/pickup assembly not working properly??
Bought new tank, pump, fuel sending unit and filler neck gromet.
The baffle inside the tank came loose
I go to install my 255 lph fuel pump into the fuel pump bracket and it won't fit down low enough to put the filter on. Can I modify this bracket to fit the pump??
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