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Gauge Swap Question/possible Workaround

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Gauge Swap Question/Possible Workaround

I have a 2005 Mustang V6 that I purchased new as soon as they were delivered to the dealership. Unfortunately, it only has 4 gauge cluster. I have been reading up on swapping the cluster for the 6 gauge cluster. Recently I came across my original window sticker and found out that my mustang is a Premium, however the unused plug was not behind the button blank on the dash, but I have not looked to see if it might be taped up somewhere else on the harness. I would very much like to have the 6 gauges, and I am not very concerned with having the color changing gauges.

I have been going over the pinouts both the Message Center Switch (C253) and the Instrument Cluster (C220). The message center switch only has 4 wires:

1: illumination/power
2: switch signal
3: switch return
4: ground

The Instrument Cluster (C220) has 2 pins used for the message center:

6: message center switch input
7: message center switch return

I can get the cluster for under $100, the switch for under $30, and the switch harness plug for under $25. I can easily add wires to the cluster harness for pins 6 and 7. My question is, is it as simple connecting the switch signal and return wires to the signal and return pins on the cluster? I know that I will have to have the mileage and as built info adjusted at the dealership. I just know my luck, and nothing is as simple as it seems.

Please let me know what you think.

I am attaching the pinouts.


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imho I think instead of mickey mousing something to try and make it work just get a gauge pod with aftermarket gauges (like autometer). the gauges that you would gain dont really tell you anything the stock sensors are just switches that read on or off. for instance the stock oil sending unit will read oil pressure is fine until it drops below 6psi even when the spec is 30psi idle 75psi at 2k RPM (roughly). a good aftermarket gauge will be spot on accurate and give you the exact reading of whatever you desire. plus they look darn cool!!
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Thank you for the input. I have looked at several options for after market gauges. I just don't like the way they look. I guess I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to my mustang. She's got less than 90K and I like to keep a OEM look. Thats why I want the OEM 6 gauge cluster. But I thank you again.
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