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Gear shift lock, dash board lights, no head/ brake lights

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i was on my way to lunch & I took a left turn, after that turn my left blink wasn’t going off I turned my right blinker on to see if that would turn off the left blink but that didn’t even work, it just stood blinking left. I put the car in park & turned it off think the blinker what turn off. It was still on with the key completely out the ignition, then I turned it back on & my gear shifter locked &3 light on my dash board turned on, E brake, traction control, & gaslight. I had gas but then I noticed my gas meter was all the way on E after I popped my hood open to take a look, wiggled my batter cables then went back inside and my gear shift unlocked blinker turned off & dash lights, then as I started driving the lights came back on. As I pulled up to my job and put it in park the gear shift locked again. At this point my blinkers, brake lights & headlights were not turning on. This happened randomly & out of no where please help what you guys might think it is it’s a 2005 Ford Mustang v6 4.0L. thank you !!
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This sounds like your SJB(smart junction box) is the problem. It's a higher tech BCM/GEM and handles all secondary electrical systems and even primary systems like PATS and PCM to cluster communication. There are common water intrusion issues with the 2005-09 Mustang that can lead to water on/in the SJB. There's a TSB that Ford released that describes these areas and the fixes for them: tsb08-26-07.pdf ( The 2005-14 Mustangs all have a tendency to have the cowls clog up with leaves/debris and then overflow thru the fresh air vent into the HVAC system in the passenger compartment and then onto the SJB.
If the SJB has ever gotten wet then it can cause corrosion and/or a malfunction that may require repair or in worst cases replacement. If it turns the SJB is the problem then you can have it sent out to a module repair service. Automotive Circuit Solutions, Autoecm, Upfix, and Module Master all seem to be reliable module repair services to use. They can test and if needed repair any module as long as damage isn't too severe. Getting a brand new SJB is not an option and a used one is a gamble to which you would have to buy the same part # as what you have in the car based off of the available factory options. It's best to just remove your SJB and send it out to one of those companies to have them test it.
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