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Gears headers suspension cheap?

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Alright guys I have 2000.00 dollars for my stang. It is a 1988 GT 5 speed stang (not a DD) with speed density. I have done research but I am not sure which way to go with all the great products out there. I would obviously like the car to be reliable, handle well and of course some horsepower. My goal is over 300 at the wheels at some point. I would prefer not to switch to MAF it at all possible. My list I have so far is:

Gears 3.73
Suspension- not sure where to start here just got rid of an 05 WRX didn't need much help in that department so clueless about stangs.
Moderate tune/aggressive? professionally of course!

Please don't flame for posting a question like this I used the search and also google the crap out of everything before posting here. Thank you in advance for all of your help. :bigthumbsup
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if its not a DD go 4.10+

short tube headers if your not going FI, and a tubular front end.

the front end may be a bit more than 2 K though...
Suggestions for front end

What tubular maximum motorsports?
What tubular maximum motorsports?
i sure that is refering to a tubular K Member .....

you are putting youself at a disadvantage sticking with SD instead of converting MAF.....

based on your budget i would go with gear & exhaust......

and upgrade the front & rear suspension

That should just about take care of your $2000.00

If I was to just do more with new 4000 dollar budget:

MAF conv.
Trickflow H/C/I
Already have flows
Still not sure for suspension mods?

Should that put me above 300whp (staying in control) with moderate tune? This will be weekend track car but street legal as well.
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You'd need aggressive heads, intake, and cam to get 300 wheel hp. That means you'll need to be around 340-350 engine hp. To make that number, you must have mass air or the speed density computer will drive you nuts.

Engine combo:
Bypass the Twisted Wedge and get some Track Heat heads.
Track Heat intake
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy cam.
COMP Cams® - Cam Details

4:10's would be stout but would be the hot ticket.

Headers should be long tubes, since it's a 5 speed you could go with BBK 1 5/8, which means the appropriate mid pipe to match them. They'll work with the Flows you have.

For suspension, I'd say either Maximum Motorsports or Steeda.

Maximum Motorsports :: The Leader In Mustang Performance Suspension

G-Trac & Suspension Paks | Home Page

There's several versions to choose from, that would have to be up to you based on what you want more of: straight line or curves.
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Change of plans tough decisions...

K... I got the steeda stages 1-2-3 on the way as well as MAF conversion. I feel like I should do things in the right order. Let me know what you guys think!

Steeda G-trac stages 1-2-3 just ordered on the way
MAF conversion on the way

Will order after these are put in and tuned up:

Trick flow or track heat H/C/I combo
Headers bbk shorties
5 lug conv.
Dyno/pro tune
Possibly 5-8 psi procharger

Sound like good order?
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Dont forget you will have to up your injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, if you start making 300+ HP you will def. need to make those upgrades.

Does anyone have suggestions on good fuel systems for street/track use? Not crazy expensive?
Does anyone have suggestions on good fuel systems for street/track use? Not crazy expensive?

I would go with a walbro 255lph fuel pump

Aeromotive adjustable fuel regulator.....

that will be all you need.......

Walbro GCA719-2 - Walbro Electric In-Tank Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive 13103 - Aeromotive Ford Fuel Pressure Regulators
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