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Gee... Another start up question..Please help.

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Ok, after a ton of reading, I came to one conclusion. One of my biggest problems was my IAC sensor. Looks like I need to replace that.

Another problem. In trying to figure out what was causing my startup problem, I changed my fuel filter. Fired right up. Ran great that night....

Now my problem... The next day it wouldn't start at all. It cranks, but it won't turn over. After I try starting it, I smell gas, but it comes from the rear of the car. I can't find any leaks, and can't pinpoint the exact location of the smell of gas.

Now, I am not sure if it is a problem with the filter, or how I installed it, or something else.

Could this still have anything to do with the IAC, or do I have another problem now?

Any ideas?

A former Ford dealership mechanic thought it was the IAT, or MAF sensor gone bad, or a bad connection. One of my other mechanic buddies (drives and works primarily on mustangs) thinks it lost it's spark.

Thanks in advance for any info guys
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You smell gas at the rear of the car because unburnt fuel is exiting your exhaust pipes as you try to start the engine and it doesn't fire. I agree with your Mustang buddy, its not getting spark. What kind of car do you have? Year, engine, etc.?
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