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GEM diagram?

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Long story short I believe this is the reason my battery dies, connector to the gem once unplugged everything is fine but plugged in and battery dies,
Right now I have the connector in and fuse 39 pulled, seems to not be drawing power that way.

Btw original owner did a horrible job wiring alarm system into it. Been since pulling it out after the draw was noticed

Edit : after coming home today I decided to mess with the car more. This plug is what is drawing power I put the fuse back in and narrowed it to it. Can anyone help me identify where the wires lead to?
Located on the side of the gem


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I give up. What Model year Mustang are we talking about?

Assuming this is a 2002 Mustang, then the connector in the picture is GEM connector C201B. The WH/YE wire is powered from fuse F2.39. Since you have stated that removing fuse F2.39 stops the parasitic draw, then disconnecting the connector that actually brings power into the GEM makes sense.

Just wondering. Have you verified that the door ajar switches actual work as intended? What about the key lock/unlock switch in the drivers door lock? If not, this could be keeping the GEM activated and thus preventing the GEM from going into "sleep" mode.
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Sorry I have a 99. And how can I go about checking those things?
If this were my car, since we already have access to the GEM, using the wiring diagrams, identify the wire colors and GEM pin#'s to the various door sensors. Using a VOM or other tester, confirm that the switches change position when the doors are opened/closed. Also test that the driver's door lock "senses" when the key is turned (grounds out the switch).

If interested in getting a copy of the Ford service manuals and wiring diagrams for yourself, I maybe able to help. PM if interested.

Another clue might be if the head light and/or set belt reminders don't work.
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Well I used my multi meter on it, set it up to measure the amps and was sitting at 0.15 and after 30 mins it dropped to 0.013 so seems like it did drop and car is going into sleep mode. Just got done taking the old car alarm out and hoping that solves it.
Well I thought I had it figured out, I've noticed my headlight switch may be messed up, the spring is out and all crazy, also noticed that when I try and turn on my map light a clicking noise comes from the gem plug, once unplugged the noise is gone, has 13 wires to it, farthest away from driver on bottom. Not sure if any of that ties into fuse 39? I do know the doors are working fine
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Thread can be closed, problem was headlight switch and the spring for the instrument dimmer.
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