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General Tuner Question

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I am new to the tuning world so this may have been covered already but I could not find it by doing a search. I have a 93 Octane tune on my car currently. My question is: What if I disconnected the batter cables for a project, therefor my radio, etc...would reset itself. Would this also reset the ECU and create the need to re-install the tune again. OR does the ECU just remember the tune that was in it prior to the battery disconnect? Sorry if this has been covered.
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I had the batteries die on my cars during a prolonged business trip. The radios and stuff cancelled out but the tunes stayed intact.
Thanks for the info. I was very curious if the ECU reset itself, basically back to the stock tune. But, thinkng about it more, I don't know where the ECU would even get the original information from.
The stock tune resides in your hand held tuner now, the car never knows it existed...
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