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Not many of you will, of course, and not just because the Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition now sells for more than $115,000. There’s too few of them, you see.

Last year’s surprise run of coachbuilt, suicide-doored Continentals sold out in 48 hours and totalled just 80 vehicles. For 2020, the fabulously expensive long-wheelbase Conti stages what might be its last appearance, offering a greater likelihood of scoring a buy.

This time around, there’s 150 Coach Doors up for grabs, each carrying a starting price of $115,470,  Motor1  reports. That’s up a bit from last year’s version, and way, way up from a conventional Continental Black Label, which sells in the high $70k range. Orders are open, and will remain so until either the end of the month.

Chopped and stretched by 6 inches by Boston-area coachbuilder Cabot, the Coach Door Edition comes fully loaded, offering backseat occupants a full-length console with table, wireless charging pads, and numerous plug-in points. Beneath this Lincoln’s stretched skin is the Continental’s top-flight powertrain: a twin-turbo 3.0-liter making 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, mated to an all-wheel drive system with a similarly lengthened propshaft.

You also get an umbrella out of the deal, so it’s not all for nothing.

With the Continental’s Ford Fusion platform mate shuffling into extinction in 2021, the coming model year could be the last for the big Lincoln sedan, as well as its specialty offshoot. Of course, there’s still a chance Lincoln will milk whatever cash it can from its full-sizer until the final moment. Through the end of September, Continental sales continued a trend seen almost since its introduction: they contracted. Year to date, the Conti is down 25.1 percent.

Buyers of the 150 Coach Doors will have to choose between two interior themes — Alpine/Chalet and Jet Black/Thoroughbred. There’s three exterior colors to be had, but it hardly important to list them. Anyone prepared to spend $115k-plus on this thing isn’t about to be swayed by paint availability.

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