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Ever wanted one of the last of the V8 Interceptors? The iconic Australian Ford Falcon that was made oh so cool in the movie Mad Max? Well, there's a company that will build you one. As close to the real thing as you'd like.

Mad Max Cars builds movie replica cars, including, like the name says, the Mad Max Falcon. They've been doing it for more than 17 years, and they'll build one for you.

Starting with finding you an XB Falcon, which needs to be imported from Australia. We never got that car here, so you need to go down under to find one. They'll handle the import, then take it apart and rebuild it with their fibreglass Mad Max body kit.

The body kit includes the flared arches front and rear, plus the spoilers for the trunk lid and the sweet lip on the roof. They'll also add on the blue police lights and the MFP badging to make it look like Max Rockatansky's highway patrol cruiser.

Don't forget the most important part of the conversion, though. The supercharger and blower hat sticking up out of the hood. The standard kit comes with a prop blower that can turn on and off (just like the movie cars).

Mad Max Cars will also add a complete restoration to the cars, including all-new seals, new suspension, and everything else the car needs. They'll add "whatever features suit your desires," too, which we assume means that if you want a functional blower added to your 351 V8, you can get that done too.

Mad Max Cars


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